LiONCooler Combo, X30A Portable Solar Fridge/Freezer (32 Quarts) and 90W Solar Panel

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Going on a road trip or spending the weekend camping means long hours of travel. Get yourself a solar powered fridge that can keep up! Are you still using a traditional chest cooler that needs to be continuously refilled with loads of ice? How about that old chiller that's as heavy as a person and needs to be lifted by two people? If you want your next trip to be fun and smooth, a portable solar refrigerator that's lightweight, durable, lasts for hours, and made to travel is what you need. Our 32 quarts solar freezer comes with a 90W solar panel for your solar power needs throughout the day. It's designed to withstand any weather so you can enjoy the outdoors in rain or shine!
COOLER OF THE FUTURE: The LiONCooler solar fridge freezer is something you'll get used to quickly, and would never want to live without it! Our portable solar powered chest freezer is smart-controlled, solar-powered, portable, and rechargeable. While driving, you can access the solar powered mini fridge through your phone via Bluetooth and do the following functions: check the fridge and solar, change and set the temp and switch it on/off without pulling over to look back in the trunk to do these manually. Powered with a heavy-duty LG compressor for maximum performance, chills up to 32°F in just 20 minutes, and fluorine-free insulation to keep you safe. No ice is needed. Get more space and save on melted ice!
SOLAR-POWERED: Our energy-efficient solar refrigerator freezer helps you conserve electricity. If you're searching for answers online on: "How many solar panels to power a fridge", "What size solar panel for fridge", or "How much solar power to run a fridge", then you better read this! Our solar panel fridge comes with a set of three premium 30W solar panels. Made with monocrystalline photovoltaic panels, the solar panels for our solar deep freezer have the highest conversion efficiency with up to 25% and sleek aesthetics than polycrystalline solar panels. Measures at 46.9 x 21.4 x 0.1" for compact folding and 21.4 x13.3" unfolding film surface, the 3-set solar panels also come with two adjustable stands included in the suitcase. Have the LiONCooler solar mini fridge running all day and connected to a power source at night time for a next full day of functionality.
YOUR PORTABLE HOME FRIDGE ON THE GO: No more heavy lifting, unlike traditional ice chest coolers! Our LiONCooler solar powered freezer weighs at 6.6 lbs for an ultra-lightweight carry and comes with a luggage-style handle so you can trail with it as you walk. This solar panel freezer is scientifically designed with two large 6" wheels to stroll on floors and terrain without breaking a sweat. It's like the monster truck of portable solar powered freezers and refrigerators!
POWERHOUSE BATTERY WITH 3 CONNECTORS: The LiONCooler solar powered fridge freezer has a built-in snap-in lithium-ion battery that powers through 10-15 hours with full charge at a 0℃/32℉ setting. The charge time is 4-6 hours. Use the solar camping fridge as a backup emergency charger. The best part about the solar powered freezer system batteries? Aside from being rechargeable, they're easily replaceable as well. Use any of the three connectors to charge the solar panel to run fridge: AC, car, or solar panels. When there's no sunlight, our solar powered car fridge conveniently charges as a 12V solar fridge, max 120W.
FOR THE HAPPY CAMPERS: Every American household is a fan of the outdoors! So are we. The LiONCooler solar powered refrigerator freezer is not only the best 12 volt fridge freezer in the market; it's the most sought solar powered portable freezer by soccer moms and fishing dads too! Use our camping fridge solar powered for road trips by car, RV, camper van, by boat, fishing, camping, hiking, tailgating, backyard parties, school sports events, beach trips, and just about any outdoor activity! Help keep groceries chilled on the way home too. Make trips more memorable with our solar powered portable fridge. It's time to join the revolution and embrace the future of solar refrigerator for outdoors. Whether it's a weekend trip with your family or a summer vacation with your friends, the LiONCooler low power fridge freezer can travel with you 24/7. No need to use an ice chest cooler that wastes and melts a fair amount of ice.
Our solar powered deep freezer is here to change your life. This solar powered fridge camping must have is heavy-duty, easy to carry, fast charging, long-lasting, and keeps your food and beverage ice cold. Great for outdoor trips: camping, fishing, hiking, beach parties, backyard gatherings, school activities, tailgating and much, much, more.