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Owlwin Universal Survival Life Jacket for Adult and Children

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Life jackets do just that... save lives. Most people think of life jackets as only being for boat and cruise ship passengers. The truth is, rushing waves and vortexes caused by rising tides and are virtually 'unswimmable' in a storm.


Because unlike on a sunny Sunday, storm floods are a cocktail of floating debris, objects, car fluids, and decaying objects. The strongest, certified swimmer would still have a near impossible task of staying afloat while keeping a hold of a child or two.

Safe yourself the distress.

Puchase a StormPro Life Vest for each member of your family (Ages 3 & above). The full-chect vest is unlikely to shift or become dislodged even if the wearer becomes unconscious. 

Reflective Strip and Whistle - Each vest is fitted with these safety devices to help attract attention in low visibility and night time conditions.

Avoid any regrets and BUY NOW.