StormPro Emergency Flashlight + Radio with Hand Generator

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  • Let's face it, you don't  want to go into any storm and lose all communications with the outside world. Keep our Emergency Flashlight and Radio with Hand Generator nearby at all times. Simple, but essential. Never miss another important weather update or warning issued by your local radio station for:
  • flash-flood warnings
  • wildfire notices
  • tornado alerts
  • blizzard updates,and
  • road closures.  

  • The solar crank radio with 350 mAh battery can be charged as a power bank for mobile phones, pads, and MP3, also by crank dynamo or solar panel. It is ideal for emergencies, walks, camps, and outdoors.
  • The Camping Radio can be charged using a USB cable, a solar panel crank, an AAA battery (the battery is not included), or a crank. In other words, even if there is no charger, you can also charge the radio.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with a 350 mAh AM / FM portable radio and a super strong LED zoom flashlight with 4 LED reading lights, SOS alarm.
  • 3 bright LED lights in the dark well, shine like a normal flashlight. In case of emergency, the SOS siren sends a distress signal.
  • With only 200g and compact dimensions (12.8 x 6.0 x 4 cm), a weight of 200 grams. It does not take up much space when stored, and you can take it anywhere in any bag or purse.