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Rothco's 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Extraction Tool

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Rothco’s 5-In-1 Multi-Purpose Tool is the perfect tool needed for extraction and evacuation situations.

Let's face it, during major storms, buildings get shifted, areas get flooded, doors get jammed, tires get bogged, and sometimes attics in homes of low lying areas get filled.  Its a scary time if you don't have the right tools.... Well, this is it! 

An interchangeable shovel, saw, pick axe, and axe head attachment for optimal versatility while you shelter, evacuate, bunker down, camp, hunt, or trek through the wilderness.

  • Need to assemble/disassemble a tent? The axe head on this survival tool comes with a tent stake puller and a flat side to hammer stakes into the ground.
  • Stockpile small survival items like fishing line and tinder in the handle of the survival shovel with the removable compass on the bottom.
  • Conveniently store all the components for the heavy steel camping shovel in the nylon carrying case.

Add this resourceful tool to your camping, survival, and/or bug out gear collection for the most versatile outdoor tool on the market.

Color: Black