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MiXXAR StormPro LED Camping Lantern - Rechargeable Models - Best Selling LED Lantern for Hurricane, Tornado, Camping, Emergency Kit

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Let's start here! Power outages and long dark nights go hand-in-hand with hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and blizzards. Our camping lantern will last for hours. 

POWER OUTAGES – Why sit in the dark listing to rain and thunder?? This unit features USB charging port, camping light and so much more When the main power goes out, this is the one you need.

SUPER BRITE – Using the latest LED lighting technology, this lamp will illuminate the entire area. Finally, light that is not dim and allows you to remain comfortable in your surroundings.

RUGGED ENOUGH TO LAST – Waterproof case with 6 hours of lighting capacity and a standard 2 year warranty, means this unit is built for the long nights and rough conditions.

3 MODES of operation

DESK, TABLE TOP, HANGING –  Wedge base allows positioning upright or on its side.
Ideal for: Indoor, Outdoors, Hiking, Camping