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StormPro Inflatable Boat - 3-4 Person Inflatable Rafts Set with Oars and High Output Air Pump

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Global warming makes flooding a more regular occurrence. So, why face unpredictable storm surges, rising tides and flooded streets without your own personal raft. Flooded areas are not always calm and safe places to walk or swim across.

Don't leave your safety or that of your family up to chance.  Our raft have 3 chambers to make it stable and less susceptible to flotation issues if one section is compromised.  

Invest in our Inflatable Kayak Set with Paddles & Foot Pump, ideal for kids and adults.

Hull Material: PVC
Outdoor Activity: Sandbeach
Certification: ce
Capacity (Person): 3 adult +1 child
Length: 305*136*42CM
Max Load Weight: 340kgs
Capacity: 3 adults+1 child
Include: Alumnium oars,hand pump, 2 seat
Air chambers: 3